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'Learn how to lure fish for Australian freshwater fish'


'Learn how to lure fish for Australian freshwater fish'

Murray Cod in Dams


This series is here to give you the power to catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water.
'It's your own personal fishing guide that's always in your pocket'

Murray Cod in Dams


This series is here to give you the power to catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water.
'It's your own personal fishing guide that's always in your pocket'

Online & DVD Tutorial Series

6 Tutorial Videos - 298 Mins of Content

Online & DVD Tutorial Series

6 Tutorial Videos - 298 Mins of Content


Watch below to see the OFFICIAL series trailer


Watch below to see the OFFICIAL series trailer

'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'

'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'

Why was this series created?

This series was created to help you succeed, catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water. It was born out of the lack of quality information and content about lure fishing, especially when targeting giant Murray Cod in lakes and dams.

I grew up as a young bloke and couldn’t find quality answers to all my questions about fishing… so with this I decided to learn as much as I could and share it with the world!

After watching this series you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your fishing trips and you’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable fishing is once you know what to do!

Rhys Creed
Social Fishing

What's included in this series?

Lure Fishing for
Murray Cod in Dams

Murray Cod in Dams was an incredible series to produce as we share the processes and tactics that we use to find success with GIANT COD! These fish are extremely intelligent, and you probably know how much time they take... but imagine if you knew where they will be, the best times to fish and what to use... it will massively increase your chances of catching that fish of a lifetime.

Your boat position and retrieves are KEY, and you’ll learn it all in this series! Plus, the best areas to target and casting techniques, how to fish big soft plastics to lure selection, gear selection and even how to troll big lures! Plus plenty of action, BONUS content and even a tutorial showing you how to rig big soft plastics!

Join Rhys and the Social Fishing Team as they share all the secrets to this style of fishing. This series is filmed on Blowering & Burrinjuck Dams and best of all they get onto some BIG COD!

6 Tutorials - 298 Minutes

Continue below to find out more about each tutorial…

Series and Tutorial Details

Browse the tabs below for details on each tutorial in this series…

Pt 1 - Introduction
Duration 33 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed & Jack Zyhalak

Everyone wants to land monster Murray Cod out of Australia’s large impoundments and that’s why we created this series! This tutorial is just as important as the rest and covers some important tips!

In this tutorial you learn:

Characteristics – 

How Murray Cod behave in lakes and dams, how they grow and feed, where they hide and their characteristics.

Waterways & Locations – 

The best lakes and dams around the country that are home to Murray Cod.

Rhys’ Top 4 Tips – 

These four tips are very important and can be the difference between catching fish and not. Rhys talks about water temperature, best techniques, the best season and his favourite location.

Understanding how these monster Cod behave is the first step in learning how to catch them! This tutorial is very important and best of all it ends with a great catch from one of our beautiful dams!

Pt 2 - Gear Selection
Duration 52 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

Choosing the correct gear when it comes to monster Murray Cod is extremely important. In this tutorial Rhys runs through everything you will need when it comes to tackling these big fish.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Outfits Overview – 

Learn about the different setup styles that work for this style of fishing.

3 Main Outfit Types – 

For this style of fishing there are three main outfit types that we use and Rhys runs through in setup in detail and explains the best application for each.

Rods – 

When it comes to this style of fishing you’ll need different rods for different situations; e.g. heavy swimbaits rods for casting big lures and shorter rods for trolling. This is all covered in this tutorial.

Reels – 

Learn about the best features to look for in a good quality reels needed for this style of fishing.

Mainline and Leader – 

There is so much to consider when it comes to selecting braid, like; breaking strain, type, stands, colours and more. Plus the leader, when to use fluorocarbon and when to use monofilament, the best breaking strain and also how much.

Other tools – 

There are many extra tools you’ll need for this style of fishing; pliers, lure retrieval tools, brad mats, nets and other important boat equipment.

BONUS Spotters Tip: 

Swimbait Rods and Reels.

This tutorial will cover everything when it comes to the gear you’ll need!

Pt 3 - Lure Selection
Duration 88 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

Selecting the correct lure for the situation is extremely important and that’s why this is the most in-depth tutorial in the entire series.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Difference Between Soft Plastic and Swimbait – 

Learn about the difference between a soft plastic and a swimbait and the best application for each type.

Diving Hardbody Lures – 

Learn all about the best hardbodys to use, what lengths, shapes, swimming depths and bib sizes you need.

Spinnerbaits – 

still a great Murray Cod lure that catch a lot of fish. Learn which ones you need for the job.

Soft Plastics – 

Such a realistic lure and great for targeting giant cod. Learn what type of plastics you need, shape and style, rigging options, colours and when is the best time to use them.

Swimbaits – 

With so many on the market it can be confusing which one to get, but we help you make decision. We cover the features to look for in a quality swimbait, its action, shape, profile, length, swimming depth, colour and even brands.

The biggest tutorial EVER! Jammed packed with so much content on lures that will help you catch monster Murray Cod in Lakes and Dams.

Pt 4 - Casting
Duration 45 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

Nothing beats catching a BIG Murray Cod on the cast and this tutorial is here to help you do just that! We cover a range of techniques and tip while filming at Burrinjuck and Blowering Dams and best of all we land a metre Murray Cod on the cast!

In this tutorial you will learn:

Location and Structure Overview –

The best areas to target, including; rocky banks, logs, standing trees, creek mouths and bays, grassy banks and more.

Rhys’ Top Tips –

This part is VERY important as Rhys covers the different forms of working along a bank, key part to success in this style of fishing!

Casting Fundamentals Demonstration –

Learn the rules of casting along a bank, what to do and what not to do! The best depth, where to cast and how to retrieve.

Targeting Large Structures 

The best areas to concentrate your efforts on, learn what exactly to look for out on the water.

Casting Demo (Vertical or Very Steep Banks) –

 Learn how to work steep rocky banks effectively. Your casting and retrieve style is very important for working these areas.

Casting Demo (Rocky Banks) –

Learn how to work a standard rocky bank properly, where you should position the boat, which angle you should cast and your retrieve style.

Casting Demo (Shallow Grassy Banks) 

These are great areas to target in winter and they can be fished a few different ways, learn how in this tutorial.

Spotters Tip:

Best Time of Day to Target Murray Cod in Dams

A jammed packed tutorial with so much content and best of all it finishes off with a monster of all cod caught on the cast!

Pt 5 - Trolling
Duration 40 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

If you’re after BIG cod then trolling is one of the best techniques. In this tutorial you will learn all about where to troll, how to troll and how to catch big Murray Cod!

In this tutorial you will learn:

Location and Structure Overview –

The best areas to troll including; rocky banks, banks littered with logs and timber and also a few other key areas.

Trolling Locations (Rocky Banks) –

Learn how to choose the best rocky banks, what to look for and how to fish them correctly.

Trolling Locations (Timber, Snags and Logs) –

Learn how to choose the best banks with timber, snags, logs, what to look for and how to fish them correctly.

Trolling Locations (Creek Beds and Water Run Off) –

This is an area that isn’t thought of as a trolling location but… it’s a great area to target. Learn how to pick the best spots and how to fish them effectively.

Trolling Fundamentals –

This is the biggest part of the tutorial where Rhys works along a bank and covers a range of tips including; depth to troll, trolling speed, how far out the lure needs to be from the boat, avoiding snags, electric motor, sounder and plenty more!

Trolling in the Dark –

This is by far the best time to fish and Rhys covers why and how to do it.

Spotters Tip:

Tuning your Lure so they Swim Correctly

This tutorial is filmed at Burrinjuck Dam and we were lucky enough to hook a monster Murray Cod while filming these tips! Sit back and enjoy!

Bonus - Rigging Big Soft Plastics for Murray Cod
Duration 40 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

Soft plastics are becoming the go to lure for targeting monster cod in dams but when it comes to rigging it can be confusing. In this tutorial I run through 3 unique rigging styles, step by step, so you can rig your own lures!

In this tutorial you will learn:

3 brand NEW and Proven Rigging Techniques –

Design by Chris Cotterill and Rhys Creed with hours of research and development.

Rigging –

Learn how to rig big soft plastics for large Murray Cod.

Customise your Plastic –

How to customise the plastics with specific rigs to suit the water you are fishing.

Gear and Tools –

Rhys covers the gear and tools you need.

Development of the Rigging Technique 

The reason behind the rigging styles and how they come about


Make sure you have the best setup on your plastics so you can stick that next big cod!

‘Each series has been created in the same structure and layout making it easy for you to navigate. That way you can choose exactly what you want to learn about!’

Best of all, you get to keep them forever to access on your Social Fishing Account whenever you want.

Happy Anglers Catching More Fish

Happy Anglers Catching More Fish

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Meet your presenters

The series is presented by the Social Fishing team. A group of keen anglers who have spent most of their life fishing the freshwater and using the proven techniques taught in this series:

Rhys Creed –

Rhys is the Social Fishing Founder and main presenter in majority of the Complete Guide Series Tutorials. He grew up casting lures for native species and has fished the freshwater all his life.

Rhys has a passion for teaching others about this great sport and wants to reach out to as many keen anglers as possible. He shares his wealth of knowledge on all things freshwater in this series. Sharing secrets, techniques and years worth of knowledge in a step by step video series.

He has caught countless freshwater fish including plenty of Monster Murray Cod – all on techniques he shares in the series.

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8 Complete Guide Series
2 Bonus Series
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