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'Learn how to fly fish for Australian freshwater fish'


'Learn how to fly fish for Australian freshwater fish'

Trout on Fly


This series is here to give you the power to catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water.
'It's your own personal fishing guide that's always in your pocket'

Trout on Fly


This series is here to give you the power to catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water.
'It's your own personal fishing guide that's always in your pocket'

Online & DVD Tutorial Series

5 Tutorial Videos - 168 Mins of Content

Online & DVD Tutorial Series

5 Tutorial Videos - 168 Mins of Content


Watch below to see the OFFICIAL series trailer


Watch below to see the OFFICIAL series trailer

'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'

'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'

Why was this series created?

This series was created to help you succeed, catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water. It was born out of the lack of quality information and simple information to help you learn how to fly fish - the easy way!

I grew up as a young bloke and couldn’t find quality answers to all my questions about fishing… so with this I decided to learn as much as I could and share it with the world!

After watching this series you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your fishing trips and you’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable fishing is once you know what to do!

Rhys Creed
Social Fishing

What's included in this series?

Trout on Fly

I know you might be thinking... “I don’t want to fly fish”, but I use to say the same, before I learnt how easy and FUN it is. You’ll learn how to catch Trout on Fly the EASY WAY!

On so many occasions fly will out fish a lure, and once you learn how to fly fish, you’ll catch bigger fish than your mates! Not only is it more productive but it’s so much fun. We cover both rivers and creeks, wet and dry techniques, and there is plenty of action along the way! With step by step videos that cover everything you’ll need to know!

In this series we are joined by a special guest, James (Jimmy) Norney from Mountain Fly and this bloke knows how to catch Trout on Fly! Jimmy takes Rhys to his home ground in central Victoria in search of big Goulburn River Browns on Dry Fly before heading up the hills to target beautiful mountain stream fish. Along the way Jimmy shares his wealth of knowledge to help you get into fly fishing – the easy way!

We want to share this style of fishing with you and if you’ve always wanted to learn... here is your start!

5 Tutorials - 168 Minutes

Continue below to find out more about each tutorial…

Series and Tutorial Details

Browse the tabs below for details on each tutorial in this series…

Pt 1 - Introduction
Duration 20 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed & James Norney

In this introduction tutorial Rhys introduces you to James Norney from Mountain Fly. James is out special guest in this series and he knows everything there is to know about catching Trout on Fly!

In this tutorial you learn:

Characteristics – 

You’ll learn whats important when it comes to fly fishing and you’ll understand what to look for out on the water and how Trout behave.

Waterways & Locations – 

James shres with you his favourite waterway to target Trout on fly.

James’ Top 4 Tips – 

You’ll get an insight into James’ top tips, including his favourite style of fishing.

Fly Casting Basics – 

For those who have never fly fished before… don’t worry because we have you covered. Before we get into more detail further on in the tutorial we explain and demonstrate the basics of casting a fly rod – its super easy!

This tutorial gives you the perfect foundation to grow your fly fishing knowledge and skill from! As you work your way through the next few tutorials you’ll become an expert.

Pt 2 - Gear Selection
Duration 21 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed & James Norney

This tutorial will give you the understanding about fly gear, so you’ll know what you need when heading into your local store to set yourself up.

In this tutorial you learn:

Overview of Fly Gear – 

To start off with James explains the overview of fly fishing gear and what they means for the rod and reel you need. He explains what lengths and weight mean in the fly fishing world as well as reels, leader, line, tippet and the other gear you’ll need.

Standard Fly Setup (Perfect Starting Option) – 

You’ll learn about the best all round starting option, how to select the correct rod and reel and match them correctly, the best leader and line to go with your setup and the best knots to use.

Light Fly Setup (Perfect for Small Streams) – 

If you’re keen to hit the small streams then you’ll get much more out of your outfit if it suits the conditions. James touches on the perfect size for small streams.

Extra Fly Gear (Waders, Boots, Storage & more) – 

This is where we cover the extra gear like waders which are an extremely important piece of equipment when it comes to Trout fishing. James also touches on storage options and the tools you’ll need for a day on the water.

Understanding the gear will be simple and easy after this tutorial, next you’ll learn about the flies.

Pt 3 - Fly Selection
Duration 19 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed & James Norney

What is the best fly and which one do I use? I use to ask he exact same question but it is so simple once someone explains exactly what you want to use in what situation.

In this tutorial you learn:

Fly Overview (Dries, Nymphs & Streamers) – 

This first part of the tutorial we show you the three main fly styles.

Understanding Fly Patterns – 

In this part you’ll learn how to tell the differences between each fly style, what each one does and how to tell them apart.

Fly Patterns – Stimulators (Dry) – 

This is the first major fly pattern we cover. These are great for use in summer when fish are rising and aggressive!

Fly Patterns – Terrestrials (Dry) – 

These represent real bugs that fall onto the water in summer. We love using these when the fish are aggressive and you’ll learn how to select the best patterns.

Fly Patterns –  Caddis (Lifecycle) – 

Now this is where we get into flies that match the tiny insects that live around the river. These are one of the main food sources for Trout so understanding the stages of the Caddis is important.

Fly Patterns –  Mayfly (Lifecycle) – 

Similar to above but just a different insect that is found around the water and that Trout love.

Fly Patterns –  Nymphs – 

This is where we talk about a much different style of fly to what we have talked about so far. Nymphs are a massive food source for Trout and one of the most effective flies you can use. James shares with you his favouirte.

Fly Patterns –  Streamers – 

Streamers are the third style of fly and are actually one of the best to use when transitioning from lure fishing to fly fishing.

Spotters Tip: Floatant

After watching this series you’ll totally understand what all those tiny little flies are used for.

Pt 4 - Casting
Duration 49 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed & James Norney

This is where the fun happens as Rhys and James head out on the Goulburn River and show you the techniques to fly fishing.

In this tutorial you learn:

Location Overview – 

James talk about the best areas in a river to fish, what you need to look for, and where hungry and feeding Trout will hide. This is all extremely important to understand before heading out on the water.

Fly Techniques – Dry Fly – 

Using dry flies to catch rising Trout is up there are one of the most exciting forms of fly fishing… but there is so much more that goes into it than just casting a fly. James makes it super easy for you to understand in this segment.

Mending Technique – 

This is by far one of the most important things when it comes to fly fishing… knowing how to mend. While out on the water James explains what the process and demonstrate this so you can implement this when you’re on the water.

Fly Techniques – Swinging Nymphs – 

This technique consists of fish sub surface with the nymphs we showed you in the previous tutorial. Its a great way to cover lots of water and easily catch numbers of quality fish and can be used in most waterways.

Fly Techniques – Dry Dropper – 

This is a technique you will use at some stage or another and is used when fishing your way upstream (great small creek technique). It consists of using both a dry fly and nymph at the same time to cover the water.

Fly Techniques – Backwater Sight Fishing – 

During the afternoon filming we managed to spot some cracking fish in the backwaters so we decided to stalk these fish and explain this style of fishing. Its extremely addictive and visual… we had some intense moments while filming.

Fly Techniques –  Streamer Fishing– 

This is the best technique to start with when you’ve first come from lure fishing, it includes similar principles and James and Rhys hit the water and show the technique in action.

Fly Technique – Small Creeks & Streams – 

The guys move spots and head up the hills to a beautiful mountain stream and share the techniques for how to best fish this type of water. The techniques are similar but as you’ll find out there is a few extra tips that are important for small waters.

This action packed tutorial is full of so much content to help you get into fly fishing for Trout. You’ll be in control when you head out next and best of all, you’ll catch fish and enjoy your time on the water so much more!

Bonus - Backwater Sight Fishing the Tumut River
Duration 59 mins

Featuring: Tallis Cotterill, Mitch Condell & Rhys Creed

For the Bonus tutorial we wanted to share with you one of our most favourite style of fishing! Backwater sight fishing is so visual and exciting as its all about spotting the fish, stalking, presenting your fly and full on fights! Join us for one of the best tutorials in the entire Complete Guide Series!

In this tutorial you learn:

Backwater Sight Fishing – 

Throughout the entire tutorial we show you some incredible action and share the entire process behind this style of fishing.

Stalking and Sighting – 

This is key to success with backwater fishing. You need to walk slowly, be extremely stealthy and polarised sunglasses are a must for spotting fish.

Best Areas to Fish – 

Rhys talks about the key areas to search for big backwater Trout.


That’s right! There is almost an hours worth of action and that’s why we created the Bonus tutorials to share plenty of action and awesome footage. We get onto some great fish and capture some incredible takes on camera.

This series will highlight and show you exactly how awesome fly fishing for Trout can be! We covered plenty of tips, gave you some action to show you how awesome it is… so now its your turn to head out on the water and chase Trout in Fly!

‘Each series has been created in the same structure and layout making it easy for you to navigate. That way you can choose exactly what you want to learn about!’

Best of all, you get to keep them forever to access on your Social Fishing Account whenever you want.

Happy Anglers Catching More Fish

Happy Anglers Catching More Fish

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Meet your presenters

The series is presented by the Social Fishing team. A group of keen anglers who have spent most of their life fishing the freshwater and using the proven techniques taught in this series:

Rhys Creed –

Rhys is the Social Fishing Founder and main presenter in majority of the Complete Guide Series Tutorials. He grew up casting lures for native species and has fished the freshwater all his life.

Rhys has a passion for teaching others about this great sport and wants to reach out to as many keen anglers as possible. He shares his wealth of knowledge on all things freshwater in this series. Sharing secrets, techniques and years worth of knowledge in a step by step video series.

He has caught countless freshwater fish including plenty of Monster Murray Cod – all on techniques he shares in the series.

James Norney and Jack Zyhalak with a beautiful pair of Trout caught while filming the Complete Guide Series

James Norney (Mountain Fly) –

James Norney is from Mountain Fly which is his own Fly Fishing brand that has a large presence on Instagram and Facebook. James is based in Victoria and is a gun when it comes to any style of fly fishing, but especially Trout!

James joins Rhys in the series as he shares his secrets, techniques and passion for fly fishing. His style of fishing is simple and easy for anyone to pick up. James does most of his fishing along the Goulburn River in Victoria which is where this series is based.

Tallis Cotterill –

Tallis is youngest team member of Social Fishing, but it doesn’t mean this kid doesn’t know how to fish! Tallis has some massive achievements to his name including countless metre Murray Cod!

He is an intelligent and aware young angler who is always ensure that each cast is perfect. Tallis appears in the Murray Cod and Golden Perch in Rivers – Bonus Tutorial, where he and Rhys fish the Murrumbidgee River from the inflatable boat. They catch heaps of natives during this great river session! A must see tutorial!

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2 Bonus Series


8 Complete Guide Series
2 Bonus Series
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