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Series Details – Murray Cod & Golden Perch in Rivers

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'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'

'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'



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Ever wondered where is the best spot on the log to cast your lure?

You'll learn the answer to this and so much more in this series!


Ever wondered where is the best spot on the log to cast your lure?
You'll learn the answer to this and so much more in this series!

About this series...

This is the most popular series in the Complete Guide and we explain EVERYTHING there is to know! All the question you’ve ever had about casting or trolling lures, on rivers and creeks, will be answered.

You’ll know exactly where the fish are hiding, where to cast your lure, which lure to choose in ANY situation... you’ll become confident in your fishing and after watching this series you’ll love how much fun you can have on the water!

From casting techniques to retrieve styles, walking the banks to lure selection, gear selection and even trolling! Plus plenty of action and BONUS content. Join Rhys, Chris, Tallis and Jack from the Social Fishing Team as they bring you the biggest Complete Guide Series from South Eastern NSW.

8 Tutorial Videos - 296 Mins of Content

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'Your Personal Fishing Guide'

'Your Personal Fishing Guide'

What's included in this series?

Series and Tutorial Details

Browse the tabs below for details on each tutorial in this series…

Pt 1 - Introduction
Duration 27 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

The introduction tutorial is just as important as the rest in the series. Rhys sits down on the banks of a river and runs through some key things you need to know about targeting natives in rivers.

In this tutorial you learn:

Characteristics – 

How Murray Cod Golden Perch behave in rivers and how to change the style of fishing to suit the area you are fishing.

Waterways & Locations – 

The best rivers and creeks around the country that are home to natives

Rhys’ Top 4 Tips – 

These four tips are very important and can be the difference between catching fish and not. Rhys talks about water temperature, river flows, the best season and his favourite technique

The end of this tutorial has plenty of action to show you what’s to come in the rest of the series. This is the start of the biggest and one of the best tutorial series in the Complete Guide!

Pt 2 - Gear Selection
Duration 25 mins

Featuring: Chris Cotterill

In this tutorial Chris sits and runs through all the gear you need for river fishing. Not just the rod and reel but all the extra stuff which you’ll need to pack in your boat or backpack.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Rod – 

The different setups you will need, for different styles of fishing, including; casting and trolling.

Reels – 

The best reels to use in your setup.

Mainline and Leader – 

The best braid to use; what colour, breaking strain and type as well as the leader; how long it should be, when to use monofilament or fluorocarbon etc.

Other tools – 

What pliers you will need, tools to help retrieve your lures, nets, brad mats and fish handling equipment.

BONUS Spotters Tip: 

How to set the cast control on your baitcaster reel.

After watching this tutorial you’ll be able to walk into a tackle store and pick the right gear for the job!

Pt 3 - Lure Selection
Duration 69 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

In this tutorial Chris sits and runs through all the gear you need for river fishing. Not just the rod and reel but all the extra stuff which you’ll need to pack in your boat or backpack.

This is the longest tutorial in the Complete Guide Series! Rhys sits down and runs through all the different lures that you’ll need!

In this tutorial you will learn:

Spinnerbaits –

The different styles, weights, blade configuration and colour, skirt colour, plastic tails, stinger hooks and the best brands.

Hard Body’s –

The different shapes, sizes, how to find a good quality lure, swimming depth (bib size), lengths, colours, upgrading hook and some of our favourite brands.

Soft Plastics –

These lures are become a great option for river natives and we cover everything you need to know; length and shape, brands, colours, weedless setups and rigging plus some bonus tips to help you avoid snags.

Other Lures

Rhys touches on a few other lures that are used in rivers like mumblers and swimbaits.

Spotters Tip:

Spinnerbait Tip (improves hook-up rate)

Selecting the right lure for the job will be easy as once you’ve seen this tutorial!

Pt 4 - Casting
Duration 21 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed & Chris Cotterill

This is the first of 3 casting tutorials where we are out on the water showing you what structure to target, how to approach and fish different structures and even some important tips on choosing the right lure for the right situation.

In this tutorial you will learn:

5 Key Features –

Rhys covers 5 keys things that a location need to have to find native fish.

Understanding Structure –

There are 3 key features on logs where natives will hide and this is covered in this part of the tutorial.

Spinnerbait Vs Hardbody –

When to use which lure and why they work in different situations

2x Casting Demo (Big Log & Standard Log)

Rhys demonstrates how to fish a large fallen log

Spotters Tip:

Which side to approach the structure

A very exciting tutorial full of plenty of information and tips!

Pt 5 - Casting Pt2
Duration 30 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

This tutorial has more Casting Demonstrations but we also cover the retrieve styles for both spinnerbaits and Hardbody’s depending on the water current.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Retrieve Styles (Spinnerbait x3) –

Your retrieve style changes depending on the water current (still water, downstream and upstream retrieves).

Retrieve Styles (Hardbody x3) –

Same as the spinnerbait, the Hardbody retrieves will vary depending on the water current.

Rhys’ Top Casting Hardbody –

Find out which brands and models Rhys like for casting.

Casting Demo (Logs in Fast Flowing Water) –

How to fish logs that in are fast current.

Casting Demo (Standing Timber)

Rhys demonstrates how to effectively fish standing timber.

Spotters Tip:

Tip to help reduce birds’ nests in your baitcaster reel.

Another action packed river tutorial full of important tips and techniques!

Pt 6 - Casting from the Bank
Duration 40 mins

Featuring: Chris Cotterill & Adam Smith

As many people don’t have access to a boat, we understand how popular bank walking is! Join Chris and Adam in this exciting tutorial where they cover a range of bank walking tips.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Top 6 Bank Walking Tips –

Chris sits down and covered his top 6 tips for success when walking the banks.

Best Bank Walking Lure –

Find out what Chris’ favourite bank walking lure is and why.


How to bank walk on rivers:

Casting Demo (Big Fallen Logs)

Chris goes in-depth on fishing large logs including both back and front and where to cast.

Casting Demo (Willow Tree)

There are 3 different areas to fish on Willow trees and they are brilliant structure for natives. Chris unlocks their potential in this tutorial.

 Creeks & Streams –

Afternoon session on a small creek:


General tips and rules for fishing in creeks and streams, and small creek techniques.

Casting Demo (Shallow Water Structure)

Learn how to fish structure sitting in shallow water.

Casting Demo (Steep Clay Banks)

Learn how to fish clay banks in small creeks.

How to Prevent Losing Lures

Find out Chris tips to avoid getting snagged.

Spotters Tip:

Chris’ top tip to get the most out of your cast

All these tips plus plenty of fishing action as Chris proves all these techniques on the local natives!

Pt 7 - Trolling
Duration 30 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

Trolling is an extremely successful and effective technique for targeting river natives. This tutorial is filmed on both a fast flowing river and slow pooled water as Rhys covered all the trolling styles.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Trolling Tips –

Finding structure, water depth, using your sounder, lure depth, trolling speed and a range of trolling tips.

Slow Flowing Water –

Learn how to effectively troll in slow pooled water.

Fast Flowing Water –

Learn all the techniques for trolling in faster flowing water.

How to Avoid Snags –

Tips to help you avoid snags when you’re trolling, so you spend more time fishing and less time retrieving lures.

How to unsnag your lures using a Tackle Back

Rhys runs through the process of using a tackle back to retrieve your snagged lures.

Spotters Tip:

Rhys’ 3 Favourite Trolling Lures.

Trolling is a great technique when you’re targeting large Murray Cod! You’re sure to learn heaps in this half hour tutorial!

Bonus - Inflatable Boat Drifting the Murrumbidgee River
Duration 54 mins

Featuring: Jack Zyhalak, Peter ‘Stumpy’ Brunt, Rhys Creed and Tallis Cotterill

This is the BONUS tutorial in our most extensive and in depth Complete Guide Series available! This final instalment runs for a massive 53 mins and has endless Murrumbidgee River action!

At the start of the video we follow Jack and Stumpy as they begin our journey on the river before switching to another session where Rhys and Tallis catch heaps of Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

This BONUS tutorial is loaded with as much native action as you can get but… as always we share plenty of tips along the way.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Using the Correct Size Lure –

We explain the best sized lures for your target species, adapting your lure choice.

Spinnerbait Colours for Clear Water –

Jack runs through the best colour spinnerbaits to use in clearer water

Fly Fishing for Cod Overview –

Rhys quickly explains the best beginner setup into Murray Cod fly fishing

Structure Tips –

Rhys explains and demonstrates how to effectively work logs and rocks with the correct lure – plus he proves the techniques work by catching fish!

De-snagging your Lure 

Tallis explains the one tool you need to help retrieve your lures when casting along rivers and how to use it.

Water Temperatures –

Learn how the water temp affects the fish.

Spotters Tip:

Fishing the Top of a Pool.

This is a great way to end the Murray Cod and Golden Perch on Rivers Series! Sit back and enjoy… and also, this is a great tutorial to watch on one of those rainy days when you just need that freshwater fishing fix!

‘Each series has been created in the same structure and layout making it easy for you to navigate. That way you can choose exactly what you want to learn about!’

Best of all, you get to keep them forever to access on your Social Fishing Account whenever you want.

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