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Series Details – Murray Cod on Surface

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'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'

'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'



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Can I use a headtorch when surface fishing at night?

You'll learn the answer to this and so much more in this series!


Can I use a headtorch when surface fishing at night?
You'll learn the answer to this and so much more in this series!

About this series...

OH YEAH... that boof is something we all live for and whether you’re an expert or you’ve never tried it before... you’ll come out of this series with a wealth of knowledge!

Topwater is totally different to fishing below the surface... you’ll be able to adapt your style of fishing to make the most of your BOOFS!

We want to help you; find the best surface water, choose the best lures, increase your hook-up rate and ultimately help you catch more fish! Tips and techniques in both rivers, creeks and dams. We also cover; night time tips, ‘dead hands’ technique and much more! Best of all its full of insane action, plenty of boofs and even a metre cod!

Join Rhys, Chris, Jack and Tallis as they share all the secrets about Murray Cod surface success. This series is filmed on a range of waterways throughout South Eastern NSW.

4 Tutorial Videos - 167 Mins of Content

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'Your Personal Fishing Guide'

'Your Personal Fishing Guide'

What's included in this series?

Series and Tutorial Details

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Pt 1 - Creeks & Streams
Duration 44 mins

Featuring: Chris Cotterill & Jack Zyhalak

This tutorial is one of the best in the Complete Guide Series! Chris and Jack head to a small creek in search of Murray Cod, and teach you all about this style of fishing along the way. Plenty of surface action as the guys fish into the dark!

In this tutorial you learn:

Surface Lure Selection – 

Chris runs through the best surface lures for creeks, his favourite brands and what to look for in a good surface lure.

Gear Selection – 

Find out the best setup for casting surface lures.

Waterways & Locations – 

There are 3 main types of waterways in which Murray Cod live and Chris gives a run through why surface fishing works well.

Analysing Structure – 

Learn where to cast, what areas to fish and what structure to looks for – a vital part of successful surface fishing.

Retrieve Patterns – 

Chris explains the best retrieves with surface lures and more importantly what to do when a cod boofs your lure.

Best Seasons – 

 Find out the best time of year for surface fishing

And plenty of action – this tutorial is loaded with surface fishing action as Jack and Chris casting into the night on this small creek… and you won’t believe what happens! Chris comes into battle with a very big fish…!

Pt 2 - Lakes & Dams
Duration 35 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed & Jack Zyhalak

Surface fishing for monster Murray Cod in dams is becoming ever more popular. It’s an extremely successful technique and the adrenaline that runs through your body when a monster cod inhales a surface lure is priceless. Learn all the techniques in this brand NEW tutorial!

In this tutorial you will learn:

Surface Gear Selection – 

Find out what gear you need to cast big lures a long way.

Surface Lures – 

Rhys runs through which lures to use for targeting monster dam cod, swimbaits and paddlers, the sizes, lengths and best brands.

Location and Structure – 

Learn about the best areas to target; rocky points, logs, back of bays and more.

Retrieve Styles – 

Find out about the best retrieve styles.

What to do when you get a boof? – 

This is one of the most important parts of surface fishing and Rhys runs through the technique and what to do.

BONUS Spotters Tip: 

Murray Cod Feeding Zones

This jammed packed tutorial will teach you everything about targeting these giant fish using surface lures!

Pt 3 - Rivers
Duration 35 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed

In this tutorial Rhys runs you through the techniques, retrieve styles and how to effectively surface fish different sections on a river. Make sure before watching this tutorial that you watch Pt 1 in this series because it includes a lot of tips which are also relevant for fishing on rivers.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Waterways & Locations –

River can change drastically and you’ll need a different approach for locations and situations. Rhys explains all the river and structure variations in which Murray Cod can live.

Surface Lure Selection –

Learn about the exact surface lure sizes and style you’ll want for fishing in rivers. Rhys covers everything you nee to know.

Best Time of Day –

The time of day is extremely important if you want to succeed with surface fishing. Rhys explains when to fish and also some other key periods that relate to specific weather conditions.

Techniques (Slow Flowing Water) 

This is where Rhys gets out on the water and demonstrates how to fish a slow flowing section of river. This is important to understand because you fish a fast flowing section of river much differently.

Techniques (Fast Flowing Water) 

Similar to the above segment, but this time the demonstration is about fishing the faster flowing water. Your approach is much different and you need to get this right to successful catch cod on surface in both situations.

Fishing Large Logs and Log Jams 

These are Rhys’ favourite kinds of structure to fish and he shows you two different situations and runs through step by step on how you should fish them.

Best Seasons 

Seasons are key for target Murray Cod on surface you you’ll need to adapt your style of fishing to suit the season.

Extra Techniques & Tips –

That’s right! This tutorial is loaded with content and Rhys covers even more handy tips that will give you an edge over other anglers on your next trip!

A brilliant tutorial that covers everything plus more about surface fishing for cod on rivers!

Bonus - Tips, Stories & Action
Coming Soon

This tutorial is Coming Soon!

‘Each series has been created in the same structure and layout making it easy for you to navigate. That way you can choose exactly what you want to learn about!’

Best of all, you get to keep them forever to access on your Social Fishing Account whenever you want.

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