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'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'

'Your Guide to Fishing SUCCESS'



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Where in the lake do I find feeding and hungry Trout?

You'll learn the answer to this and so much more in this series!


Where in the lake do I find feeding and hungry Trout?
You'll learn the answer to this and so much more in this series!

About this series...

Trout will always feed in specific areas. Once you’re confident in locating these areas and you use the correct techniques, you’ll find success!

You’ll understand how your gear and setups work, including; down rigging, casting setups, attractors, weights and lead line, where to cast, areas to fish and retrieves, lure styles and colours.

Join Rhys, Chris, Adam and Tallis as they share all the secrets to this style of fishing. This series is filmed in the Snowy Mountains you’ll learn about our favourite techniques and hot spots for fishing in Lake Eucumbene!

6 Tutorial Videos - 210 Mins of Content

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'Your Personal Fishing Guide'

'Your Personal Fishing Guide'

What's included in this series?

Series and Tutorial Details

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Pt 1 - Introduction
Coming Soon!

Pt 2 - Gear Selection
Duration 45 mins

Featuring: Chris Cotterill & Rhys Creed

Working out where to start when it comes to selecting the right gear for Trout in Dams can be daunting, but no need to worry as we sit down and run through every single thing you need.

In this tutorial you learn:

Outfits – 

Learn about the different casting and trolling outfits, including those suited for fishing with; attractors, down riggers and lead line.

Mainline & Leader – 

Learn what the best weight line and leader for the situation you are fishing.

Trolling Accessories – 

We show you what all those extra ‘bits’are when Trout fishing; down riggers, clips, weight, lead keels, snap weights, attractors, cow bells and the list goes on. Don’t be scared of them, they are easy to use and we show you how.

Extra Tools & Sunnies – 

We don’t leave anything behind as we talk about the nets, pliers and even what the best sunglasses lens is for the job.

If you’re after info on Trout gear, then you’ll love this part!

Pt 3 - Lure Selection
Duration 31 mins

Featuring: Chris Cotterill & Rhys Creed

In this tutorial you’ll learn about all the different lure types you need for targeting Trout in Lakes & Dams.

In this tutorial you learn:

Overview of Lure Types – 

Rhys runs through the main lure type we use for Trout before going in depth further on in the tutorial.

Diving Hard Body’s –

The different shapes, sizes, how to find a good quality lure, swimming depth (bib size), lengths and the best colour for Trout in Lakes and Dams.

Spinners –

A common and brilliant lure for targeting stream Trout. There are so many different variation you can get and Chris runs through every detail.

Winged Lures –

One of the most popular Trout lures and perfect for lakes and dams. Learn about the different sizes and ways you can rig them.

Soft Plastics –

One the best lure options, learn about the best styles, brands, colours, and also the Jigheads to match the plastics.

Lipless Crankbaits & Blades –

Both of these lures are great Trout lures and very underused. Learn about the best styles, brands and weights to use.

Wobblers or Metals –

One of the oldest lures around but still a great option for lake fish.

There are so many different lures options for so many situations. In this tutorial you will learn about the colours, sizes, styles and when is the best situation to use them.

Pt 4 - Casting
Duration 35 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed, Chris Cotterill & Adam Smith

In this action packed tutorial the SF Team heads up the Snowy mountains to Lake Eucumbene! The team heads out on the water demonstrates a range of casting techniques and different areas to target when fishing lakes and dams.

In this tutorial you learn:

Locations (Flat Grassy Banks) –

Find out the best grassy banks to look for Trout, best lures and time of day to fish these areas. Then Chris and Rhys spend the morning searching a grassy bank and showing you how to work these banks correctly from both boat and bank.

Locations (Clay Banks) –

The next area to fish is clay bank which hold plenty of food for feeding Trout.

Locations (Rocky Banks) –

Rhys explains the best rocky banks to fish, what to look for, how to fish them and what lures to use.

Locations (Standing Timber) –

Perfect areas to find feeding Trout. Learn about the best techniques for targeting standing timber.

Locations (Colour Change, Dirty Water & Wind Lanes) –

These are three key areas to look for and target, as Trout love feeding in these areas.

Plus there are plenty more tips for casting and action from the session out on Lake Eucumbene!

Pt 5 - Trolling
Duration 39 mins

Featuring: Rhys Creed & Adam Smith

In this part of the series Rhys and Adam head up to a local lake and spend the day running through all the different trolling setups for Trout. They explain how to use them plus extra tips to help you find success out on the water.

In this tutorial you learn:

Trolling Locations –

First of all Rhys covers the different areas that you can troll for Trout, what spots and structure to look for out on the water.

Trolling Setups (Flat Lining) –

This is the most popular and easiest form of trolling.You’ll learn how it works, trolling speed and best lures.

Trolling Setups (Attractors) –

You’ll learn about the best time to use them, how to set them up and important tips about trolling with attractors.

Trolling Setups (Weighted Attachments) –

Learn how to setup and use, snap weights, lead line and other weighted attachments.

Trolling Setups (Downriggers) –

 Learn how a Downrigger works and why it’s the best optionfor getting lures deeper.

Best Trolling Combinations –

Rhys covers 5 key combinations you can use which include; the Best Starting Option, Deep Option, Covering All Depths and more.

Trolling Techniques and Tips –

Rhys and Adam cover a range of important trolling tips as they troll along the dam searching for a fish.

Spotters Tip: Adjustable Rod Holders

A very informative tutorial that covers a range of trolling techniques!

Bonus - Lake Eucumbene Trout
Duration 41 mins

Featuring: Tallis Cotterill, Adam Smith & Rhys Creed

In this final installment in the series we head to Lake Eucumbene and capture plenty of action for you to enjoy! We were met with rough weather and tough fishing conditions but we show you exactly what we do in these times to help us find fish as we have a successful day on the lake catching Trout!

In this tutorial you learn:

Tips for Fishing Lake Eucumbene –

Throughout the day while we are chasing Trout we share extra handy tips and techniques for fishing in different situations.

Locating the Fish –

In the casting tutorial we talked about the different areas fish feed, well on this day we needed to use pick and choose our locations based on the weather, this helped us find where the feeding fish were – we explain everything in the tutorial.

Our Favourite Lures for Lake Eucumbene –

During the day we sit down and quickly touch on our top lures for fishing Lake Eucumbene.

Best Spots to Fish at Eucumbene –

This lake is massive! It’s easy to get lost with where to fish, that’s why we sit down and share our favourite spots, banks and bays!

Plenty of Action –

That’s right, this tutorial is all about action and that’s what is in store for you. Plenty of great Eucumbene Trout on camera for you to enjoy.

Sit back and enjoy the final tutorial in this huge series!

‘Each series has been created in the same structure and layout making it easy for you to navigate. That way you can choose exactly what you want to learn about!’

Best of all, you get to keep them forever to access on your Social Fishing Account whenever you want.

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